Napkin Folder (4 Color)


  • Embossing – steel to paper, full and border pattern.
  • Quick change of embossing drum sets and folding heads.
  • Printing – two to four advanced flexographic printing units.
  • Ink drying infra-red and blowers.
  • Electric counting absolute accuracy.
  • Separation between packs by lifting single napkin.
  • Band-saw cutting into two laned on delivery deck.
  • Automatic blade sharpening.
  • Automatic tension control.
  • Web guide.


Napkin size, (unfolded) 20×20-33×33 cm. Parent Roll Dia. 1.2 m
Fold 1/4,1/8 Timing belt transmission for minimum noise level  
Production Capacity Max. 1500 napkins/min Power Installed 5-10 hp
Production with printing 1000 napkins/min Air Pressure Required 6 atm, 1/4 hose.