Continuous Rewinding Laminating Line


  • Single or double back stand.
  • Electric web guiding.
  • Full auto tension control.
  • Double embossing for toilet and towel (quick change over).
  • Laminating - Anilox drum, chamber and doctor blade, rubber glue application, circulation pump and tank.
  • Core feeding includes magazine chain feeder glue applicator and core pusher (servo controlled)
  • Perforation - four turning blades against stationary anvil.
  • Tail seal including glue injection turning for adhesion and ejection to accumulator or log saw.
  • Controls - Fully servo controlled.
  • Omron PLC and Emerson drivers.
  • Accurate automatic dia. control in the range of +/-1mm.
  • Auto core feeding optional.


Paper width maximum 2.8 m
Speed max 350 m/min
Product dia. 90 - 200 mm
Jumbo reel dia. 1.2 - 2 m
Electric consumption 65 KW (approx.)
Measurements overall 12 x 4.5 x 3 m (L. W.H)
Weight 20 Tons. (approx.)