Automatic Perforatr Slitter-rewinder For Non Woven Wet Wipes

Product Description

Fully automatic machine for rewinding and slitting of non-wovens.


  • Automatic rewinding of folded Z and J logs.
  • Hot melt applicator for glueing last sheet.


LRSN – Fully Automatic Wet Wipe Machine

LYISH Engineering Ltd. produces and delivers highly efficient, cost-effective, and simple-to-maintain automatic wet wipes machines for decades.


  • Perforation 2÷4 rotating blades, adjustable measurements between cuts 100÷500 mm.
  • Automatic mandrel recycling.
  • Crush cutting or sheer cutting, slitting – pneumatically operated.
  • Pop-up at first inner wipe.

Qualities of Our Higher-Efficient Wet Wipes Machine

Our company supplies fully automatic wet wipes machine for rewinding and slitting of non-wovens to the home and international market. LYISH Engineering is happy to serve the increasing demands. Qualities that stand out our wet wipe machinery in the marketplace are, 

  • Longer Lifespan with minimum maintenance
  • Higher efficiency in producing wet wipes at less downtime
  • Hot melt applicator for gluing tail of the last sheet
  • Versatile wet wipe folding options (Z, J, and V) 


Web Width max. 1.6 m Core Diameter (Mandrell) standard 32
Parent Reel Diameter 1.2 m Production Rate 3 ÷ 5 logs/min
Product Diameter 40 ÷ 220 mm Power

5 kW AC



Why Choose LYISH Engineering Ltd. for Wet Wipes Machine

LYISH Engineering is fully committed to quality and highly competent to cater to all types of wet wipes machine needs for domestic and international clients. 

Fully automated machines are designed and manufactured in-house counting on advanced state-of-the-art to improve our production line as well as technology to meet the diverse demand of our clients worldwide. 

Being an eminent and accountable wet wipes machine producer and supplier, our mission is to offer personalized and turnkey wet wipes machines to our clients and help them to stand out in the wet wipes manufacturing alcove at no time.  

To order a fully automatic wet wipes rewinder slitter machine; get in touch with us. LYISH Engineering will act in response at the earliest.