Wet Wipe Folding Machine


  • Three-deck cross fold, wet wipe machine for non-wovens and air laid.
  • Computer setting of number of wipes per pack, liquid amount and operating speed.
  • Slitter system for dividing web into 3 lanes.
  • Longitudinal folding Z, V, W or other.
  • Separation between packs by lifting every second pack.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Computer setting.
  • Automatic electronic tension controls.
  • Integral computerized wetting system, highly accurate +-3%
  • Touch control panel.


Web Width max.75 cm Power 7.5 kw
Parent Reel Diameter 1.2 m Measurements 5.5x2x2m LxWxH
Product Length (Cut-Off) 20-40 cm Production capacity 2000 wipes/min
Product Width 15-25 cm