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Product Description
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  • Pneumatic lifting arms for parent reel.
  • Perforation – spiral, 4 rotating blades pneumatically operated.
  • Unwinding belts, pneumatic tension control.
  • Embossing – steel to rubber – pneumatically operated.
  • Length cutting by travelling transversal knife producing seal tail and combined with glue injection.
  • Finishing roll station for adhering last sheet.
  • Full web tension control by belt variators, electrically operated.
  • Frequency controller for acceleration / deceleration and maximum speed control.
  • Electric counting of sheets / length.
  • Pneumatic bulk control of product.
  • Automatic sideway removal of product.
Minimum product width 60 mm Product diameter 100-450 mm
Rewinding speed maximum 320 m/min Paper width 1.6 – 2.8 m
Parent reel diameter 1.25 m Product core diameter 40 mm
Power installed 20 kw Measurements 3.5×2.5×1.8 m
Weight 6,500 kg

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